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For a Nominal Fee Every Month, You can Avail of:

1 Audio Assignment every day

Eliza will post a new audio file everyday. On it, you will hear her say a sentence, first at a normal native-speaker pace and then she will break it down. Just repeat what you hear, record yourself and post it. She will then post a detailed audio message for you, with your corrections!

1 Writing Assignment every day

A new topic will be posted daily and you will be asked to write a small paragraph (4-5) full grammatical sentences. Then at the end of the day, Eliza will correct your writing, with detailed feedback on your grammar, vocabulary and punctuation and how to write it in a better way.

Clear your Doubts

A chance to ask your questions and doubts directly to Eliza and get them cleared. You simply post your question or query in the WhatsApp group and when Eliza logs in, she will post either text, or in some cases, audio messages as answers to your questions. No course offers such daily interaction!

  15 Minute Call Every Week

Those who pay for a Gold membership can avail of a 15-minute personal one-to-one Skype session (usually 6.95 GBP!) with Eliza. That's one hour of Skype session a month! If you just purchase a 1-hour Skype session separately, you've to pay 18.00 GBP!! This is a very special deal from Eliza, reserved only for the most serious students.

Very Few Slots Available

As she wants to give individual attention to the most dedicated eager students, only limited slots will be open for this offer. That means you need to hurry up if you want to avail of this unparalleled offer. Typically the slots fill up in less than a week. So book your slot today! Once this offer is closed, it's gone forever!

  Save money

This is really a no-brainer. Just the Skype calls itself are worth much more than the small fee you pay for this membership. There are lots of boring courses and English learning books out there. But we are yet to find a similar offer anywhere on the Internet that offers such unique personal access to a native speaker of English!

So are YOU that earnest student who wants to improve your English fast? If so, this offer is for YOU!

Subscription Plans


‎£ 00 / PER MONTH

- Occasional Support from Eliza

- No Audio Assignments

- No Writing Assignments

- No Skype Calls


£ 4.95 / PER MONTH

- Daily Audio Assignments

- Daily Writing Assignments.

- Quicker, More Frequent Corrections

- No Skype Calls

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£ 9.95 / PER MONTH

- All the benefits of the Silver Membership +

- Weekly 15 Minute Personal Skype Call

- Occasional Bonus Skype Group Calls

- Personal Messaging Access to Eliza

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