Do you want to speak English fluently and naturally, like a native speaker would?

Is your accent holding you back?

Are you always worrying about how you are saying it instead of what you are saying?

Are you tired of people asking you to repeat yourself?

Have you missed out on many wonderful career opportunities because of your poor English?

Have you always wanted to speak like an educated speaker from the South of England?

Well then, you are at the right place! It is not a coincidence that you are reading these words right now. It is your passion for English and your strong burning desire to improve your speaking and writing that has brought you to this website.

Hello, I'm Elizabeth. My friends call me Eliza. I'm a speaker of the English dialect that is often called Received Pronunciation or R.P. I speak the kind of English you might hear on the BBC or like some of the actors on the Harry Potter series! Let's together work on your language - I promise it will be fun and then there is no subject or book you can't read and no course you can't finish. It literally places the world on the palm of your hands!